New Commuter Trains

Norske tog has entered an agreement with Alstom to buy 30 commuter trains to replace the current commuter train, Class 69, which has reached its estimated lifetime.



The National Transport plan 2018-2029 facilitates for a larger commitment to public transportation. The government will increase its efforts to ensure that the urban area passenger growth will be covered by public transport, bicycles and walking.

The commuter train traffic around Oslo is today operated by Class 69, Class 72 and Class 75. Class 69 has approached its estimated lifetime and will not be updated with equipment for the new signal system ERTMS. Nevertheless, the introduction of ERTMS on line L2, Stabekk – Ski, is scheduled to begin during the summer in 2025.

The current rolling stock fleet does not have the capacity to handle significantly increased traffic demand. Class 69 is also lacking fundamental functions to satisfy travelers comfort demand, including fresh air systems, network coverage and universal design.

About the project

The project’s main goal is to acquire 30 new commuter trains with large passenger capacity to replace Class 69.

Production of the new trains will start in 2023, according to the schedule, and will gradually be put into operation on the L2 Stabekk-Oslo-Ski line from 2025. The contract includes an option buy up to 170 additional train sets.

At the beginning of 2020, Norske tog announced a competition for the delivery of 200 new commuter trains, which will make people’s everyday travel easier and better. The tender submission date was extended to 2 November 2020, due to Covid-19.


Six suppliers qualified for the commuter train competition. Alstom Transport Norway and Alstom Transport Germany won after an overall assessment of quality and price. The final agreement was signed 10.01.22.

The new Coradia Nordic train meets all requirements related to capacity, customer satisfaction and technical solutions. The train’s total capacity is 778 passengers, which is an increase of about 40 % compared to the trains being replaced.

The trains will have 294 seats, while today’s trains have between 238 and 303 seats. The seats will be very comfortable and are set up in a 2+2 seat arrangement with a wide aisle throughout the train. Large flexi-zones make the train a suitable commuter train by allowing passengers to transport bikes and strollers and have large areas for standing during rush hour. The train consists of 6 carriages with a total of 12 entrances with wide doors, allowing fast passenger flow during rush hour.

The trains have a universal design with a low floor at all entrances, which allows all passengers to walk straight onto the train. The train has hearing loops in all carriages adapted for passengers with disabilities, and others.

Each train has a toilet for wheelchair users and fixed spaces for wheelchairs. The trains also have wheelchair lifts, which allow the train to operate at platform heights as low as 550 mm.

Illustrations of what the new Coradia Nordic will look like can be found here.

Planned progress

  • 2023: Production of the new trains will start in 2023.
  • 2024: The first trains are due in Norway for testing
  • 2025: The trains will be delivered and put into operation on the Østfold Line L2 Stabekk - Oslo – Ski.

Contact person

Hans Arne Dingtorp
Hans Arne Dingtorp
Project Manager