Norske tog’s long-term procurement plan

Modern, standardised and a sufficient number of trains - that is what Norske tog wants in the future. Norske tog has submitted av comprehensive replacement plan for old rolling stocks. It takes up to five years to procure new rolling stocks. Therefore, a long-term procurement plan until 2033 is an important tool to ensure delivery of a sufficient number of trains on a suitable time.


Six suppliers will compete to supply 200 commuter trains

Norske tog AS have decided to acquire 30 new commuter trains with an option to release up to 170 additional train sets. The train sets are scheduled for delivery in 2023 and will be replacing the current commuter train sets, Class 69, operating on L2 Stabekk – Oslo – Ski. Six suppliers have been pre-qualified to proceed in the tender process.


Press release: The tender for 200 new commuter trains is published!

Norske tog AS has published the tender for 200 new commuter trains. The trains will replace the current commuter train, Class 69, operating on line L2 Stabekk - Oslo - Ski. The main delivery is 30 train sets with an option to buy additional 170 train sets.


Long-distance train material

The decision-making basis for the residual value guarantee for long-distance train material to Traffic Package 1, 2 and 3.


Vy will operate the train service on the Bergen line and in the Bergen-area

Vy has been awarded the tender of operating the train service in Traffic Package 3 West, including all long-distance trains between Oslo and Bergen, all regional trains on the Bergen - Voss – Myrdal line and all commuter trains between Bergen and Arna. The contract period starts in December 2020 and has a duration of 11 years.


Eliminating signalling system errors

Norske tog is undertaking digital improvements in order to increase the capacity, safety and punctuality on the rail network and to reduce signalling errors.


Information and input meeting regarding new commuter trains

On the 26th of September, Norske tog invited a number of stakeholders to an information and input meeting regarding new commuter trains.


Norske tog announces procurement of new commuter trains with increased capacity and high comfort level

Norske tog is planning to enter the market in 2020 to acquire new commuter trains to operate line 2 Ski-Oslo-Stabekk from 2024. Initially, the new commuter trains will replace the currently operating trans sets, Class 69, on line 2.

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