About us

Norske tog is a State-owned stock-based company that was separated from the NSB Group in April 2017 as a result of the Railway Reform. All passenger rolling stocks that was previously owned by NSB has been transferred to Norske tog, with a few exceptions.

The company is responsible for managing rolling stock rental on competition-neutral terms to passenger train operators who has been awarded the tender of operating passenger train traffic in Norway. The company will support the Railway Directorate in the material strategy assessment with regards to socioeconomic considerations. In addition, Norske tog is responsible for the procurement process of new rolling stocks used for passenger traffic.

The railways in Europe are not standardised. Therefore, the company are responsible for making sure that all vehicles that are acquired or rented will safeguard the unique Norwegian operating condition, infrastructure and regulation.

The organisation has expertise on rolling stocks and will support operators in technical questions and manages a stock with critical parts for rental to operators when needed.