New long-distance trains

Several of the current long-distance trains are more than 40 years old and approaching the end of their service life. Norske Tog have therefore opened a competitive tender to procure new long-distance trains.


The primary objective of the project is to procure new long-distance trains to traffic the Dovre Line, Bergen Line, Sørland Line and Nordland Line. The new trains will replace the current long-distance trains when they reach their technical life expectancy, and the trains servicing the Bergen Line are planned to be replaced first. In addition, the new trains will also strengthen the train service in line with the Norwegian Railway Directorate’s estimated growth.

Norske tog will procure rolling stock to service both electrified and non-electrified lines. Renewal of the night train service is also included in the procurement. It is desired that day and night function are offered in the same train set.

The main procurement is 14 large size train sets, of which 10 with electrical propulsion and 4 with bimodal propulsion. In addition, there will be an option of additional 3 large size train sets, which have not yet been decided whether to have electrical or bimodal propulsion.

Success factors

The following elements have been identified as success factors for the procurement:

Operator Experience


  • Standardized train with high passenger capacity and efficient utilization of line capacity
  • Performance to operate, with sufficient acceleration for mixed traffic with local trains
  • High seating and sleeping capacity

Operational concept

  • Standardized and flexible operational concept to adapt to varying demands
  • Design that can easily be adapted to operators’ specific needs
  • High degree of flexibility and modularity

Passenger Experience

  • Consistent and attractive passenger experience for all missions and configurations
  • Easily accessible, efficient and provides high comfort
  • Highly comfortable and well-equipped seating places for long journey times
  • Highly comfortable and well-equipped sleeping places and areas intended for “nigh train” use
  • Pleasant and efficient facilities (storage spaces, bistro, lavatories, etc)

Product Delivery

Vehicle solution

  • Functionality and performance are fit for purpose
  • Proven and standardized technology with high robustness and reliability
  • System and components are designed with focus on maintainability and low maintenance cost
  • Safe and energy efficient operation
  • IT systems that contribute to an informative and secure travel experience

Wayside solution

  • Setup for scalability and high robustness
  • Provides high operational availability
  • Setup for maintainability


  • Resources and expertise to be able to carry out the project in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.
  • Lowest possible environmental footprint throughout the design life of the train, both the electrified and non-electrified lines.
  • A product for the non-electrified lines that is sustainable and future-oriented which allows an upgrade of the energy generation in the future.

Tentative progress plan

2021: Norske Tog announces competitive tender for the procurement of new long-distance trains

2022 (spring): Tender deadline

2023: Contract signing

2025: First train for testing in Norway

2026: First train in traffic (two trains phased in per month)

2026-2033: The new long-distance trains are put into traffic