Cab Radio

The cab radio system plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of railway operations by maintaining continuous radio contact between trains and their conductors. Presently, the existing cab radio has been discontinued, prompting Norske tog to engage in a framework agreement with Siemens for the procurement of new cab radio systems.


NEW CAB RADIOS: The locomotive EL18 is one of the vehicle classes where new cab radios are to be installed.

Project overview

GSM-R (R for Railway) is a closed mobile network (digital radio system) developed for railways in Europe. It is imperative that all locomotives and trainsets possess an approved train radio system to be allowed to operate on the railway tracks.

The presently employed train radio system, known as Mesa 25, is no longer in production. In recent years, in response to this unavailability, Mesa 25 train radios from retired vehicles have been retrofitted into the new trains delivered to Norske tog. We have now reached a juncture where the number of newly acquired trains exceeds the number of retiring ones, necessitating the production of new train radio systems.

Furthermore, continuous technological advancements are taking place in the realm of cab radio systems. A new European standard, referred to as FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communications System), is anticipated to be finalized between 2028 and 2029. The plan is to introduce FRMCS in Norway from 2029 to 2035, resulting in a gradual transition from the existing GSM-R communication standard to FRMCS, which employs 5G technology as its foundation. Consequently, new cab radio systems must be designed with the capacity for technological upgrades and readiness for migration from GSM-R to FRMCS.

For more information regarding FRMCS, please visit the Norwegian Railway Directorate's official website.

Shared responsibility

The overarching responsibility for the GSM-R system, encompassing network management and ensuring seamless communication between the railway network and train radios, lies with Bane NOR in Norway. Bane NOR is also responsible for approving train operators’ cab radios and telephones, including their respective software versions.

Train operators are individually accountable for ensuring the use of approved radios and telephones and ensuring that their staff receive adequate training in operating the equipment.

Project status

In July 2020, Norske tog entered into a framework agreement with Siemens Mobility Limited and Siemens Mobility AS for the procurement of cab radios. Cab radios have been procured for train classes 73 and 93, as well as locomotives Di4 and EL18. Cab radios will also be provided for the new local trains under the N05 designation. The new cab radio, designated as SVR-511, is founded on the Siemens SVR-500 series.

Planned progress

  • 2023: Introduction of the "First Of Class" (prototype) for four distinct vehicle classes (class 93, class 73, Di4, EL18). Approval must be obtained for each vehicle class employing the same radio model.
  • 2024: Approval of the Siemens SVR-511 by the Norwegian Railway Authority.
  • 2024-2025: Series installation on class 73, class 93, Di4, and EL18, involving collaboration with the train operators GoAhead, SJ, and Vy.

Contact person

Rune Andreassen
Project Manager