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Class 72 is an electric motor coach with five carriages and traction on two carriage.

The train sets are produced by AnsaldoBreda in Italy. In total, 36 train sets were produced and delivered between 2002 and 2006.

The train class is used as commuter trains in the Eastern part of Norway and on the Nær Railway.

The train sets are designed by Pininfarina, has large windows og connected single-shaft running gear between the carriages. Class 72 was the first low-floor train class in Norway.

AnsaldoBreda 2002 - 2006
  • Facilities
  • Performance
  • Technicals specifications
Comfort seats/1st class 0
Standard seats/2nd class 305
Standing spaces (folding seats in use) 218
Standing spaces (folding seats not in use) 55
Folding seats 5
Wheelchairs spaces 1
Wheelchair elevator 0
Bicycle spaces 0
Sleeping spaces 0
Sleeping compartments 0
Toilets (closed systems) 1
Toilet (open system) 0
Handicap toilets 1
Family area, number of seats 0
Restaurant (number of seats) 0
Serviced kiosk 0
Vending machine 0
Information systems Yes
HVAC for passengers Yes
Security camera 42
Number of decks Single
Driver’s cab Yes
Emergency break override Yes
Heeling No
Number of doors 8
Maximum door distance (platform-length) 67900 mm
Overall door width 7600 mm
Input stage height 750 mm
Lowest step 750 mm
Inner width transition 840 mm


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