Class 5


Class 5 is a passenger coach produced and delivered by Strømmen Værksted between 1977 to 1981. From 2011 to 2013, an extensive technical- and interior upgrade was completed on 56 coaches. After the upgrade, the passenger coached appeared as new.

When the train sets were delivered, it consisted of 6 class A5 coaches furnished as comfort seats, 33 class B5 coaches, furnished with seats, 8 class BC5 coaches, furnished as family areas with seats, and 9 class FR5 coaches, furnished as restaurant coaches.

In 2022, it was installed reclining seats in 6 class B5 coaches, which has been given the designation B5-7.

Class 5 was the first coach with automatic doors.

This train class are today servicing as day and night trains on the Dovre Line, the Bergen Line and the Nordland Line.

Strømmen Værksted 1977-1981


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