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Fully booked at Norske Tog’s Train Academy

Educational and interesting lectures, engaged participants and lots of mingle – on Tuesday 6 June, Norske tog invited industry colleagues to a “Train academy” in Norske tog’s premises at Drammensveien 35.


Øystein Risan, Norske tog CEO, welcoming the guests to the Train Academy.

More than 100 participants were registered for the event, including Norske tog employees. Representatives from both train operating companies, suppliers, maintenance companies and partners, as well as the Ministry of Transport and the Norwegian Railway Directorate, were present.

The program was built around Norske tog’s three main tasks – which are to acquire, own and manage trains, well supplemented with some general information about railways and industry trends. The lectures were separated in two parallel sessions, where participants could sign up for the topics, they found most interesting.


  • Why invest in railways? by Dr Nigel Harris, The Railway Consultancy
  • What will ERTMS give the Norwegian railways? by Kjell Holter, Bane NOR
  • The railway beyond: Benchmarking with elsewhere by Ben Condry, Imperial College
  • The class 72 trains will soon be like new by Rob Whyte, Alstom
  • Why do people travel by rail? by Dr Nigel Harris, The Railway Consultancy
  • How much is it necessary to increase the train fleet? By Geir Vadseth, The Railway Directorate
  • What is the ambition for the Norwegian railways in the new NTP (the National Transport Plan)? By Knut Sletta, The Railway Directorate
  • Smarter trains will simplify the maintenance of FLIRTs by Gabriel Michau, Stadler
  • Coradia Nordic - Trains that will improve daily life for commuters in the Oslo area by Rob Whyte, Alstom
  • How can the train manufacturers be used in the future to take better care of the trains? By Bjørn Ivedal, WSP
  • Flirt Nordic Express - Get to know Norway's new long-distance trains by Mario Fürer, Stadler
  • How do we get the right workshop capacity? By Jon Erik Lunøe and Jørn Johansen, Bane NOR Eiendom

Foto: Anne Elisabeth Næss

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Øystein Risan
Øystein Risan