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Changes in Norske tog’s board

Jan Morten Ertsaas and Anita Meidell will respectively be the new chairman and new board member of Norske tog, a decision made at the company’s general meeting on 9 June.


At the general meeting on 9 June 2023, Jan Morten Ertsaas was appointed as the new chairman of Norske tog AS. Ertsaas has been a board member of the company since June 2022, and takes over the chairmanship from Anette Malm Justad.

Jan Morten Ertsaas is a civil engineer from NTH/NTNU and has extensive experience with public procurement and project and risk management. Ertsaas has recently taken over as CEO of SIVA and was previously CEO of Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani (2018–2023). Before that, Ertsaas was investment director at Investinor and Managing Director at Safetec.

In addition to the change of chairman, Anita Meidell joins the company as a board member. Meidell is a civil economist from NHH, where she also obtained a doctorate and works as an associate professor in the field of business and financial management. Meidell was a board member of Spordrift (2020–2023), where she headed the board's audit committee.

The composition of the Board

After the general meeting, the board of Norske tog consist of the following:

  • Jan Morten Ertsaas (b. 1963, Trøndelag) (elected by shareholders)
  • Espen Opedal (b. 1967, Vestland) (elected by shareholders)
  • Anita Meidell (b. 1967, Vestland) (elected by shareholders)
  • Ole Høgtun (employee representative)
  • Vidar Larsen (employee representative)