Norske Tog is engaged in the installation of onboard equipment for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) on its train fleet, in close collaboration with Alstom. This project is aimed at rendering the trains compatible with the newly introduced digital signaling system, ERTMS, which is designed to serve as a standardised system across all European nations.


Project overview

The main goal of the project is is the comprehensive retrofitting of Norske Tog's train fleet, enabling them to seamlessly operate on the advanced data-based signaling system, ERTMS. This transformation is essential in preparation for the inauguration of the inaugural ERTMS-equipped line in Norway, scheduled for 2024.

Signal-related errors have been a challenge for the Norwegian railway system for a long time. ERTMS promises to offer a more robust and reliable railway infrastructure, resulting in improved punctuality. Furthermore, the heightened level of automation inherent in ERTMS will mitigate human errors, thus enhancing overall safety.

In practical terms, ERTMS operates by facilitating communication between the onboard system and the signaling system governing Norway's rail network. The driving authorization dispatched to the onboard ERTMS system furnishes the train operator with vital information, including the permissible speed and the extent of the driving permit.

In cases of excessive speed or the train surpassing its designated boundaries, the system will automatically engage the brakes. With this novel system in place, train operators will receive all pertinent information via a display screen within the driver's compartment, obviating the need to rely on traditional light signals along the railway.

Norske tog is assuming responsibility for the comprehensive installation of onboard equipment across its train fleet, committing a substantial investment of NOK 1.1 billion towards the integration of ERTMS. Meanwhile, Bane NOR is tasked with the modernisation of the signaling infrastructure.

Project status

For the convenience of travelers, the deployment of ERTMS is being progressively phased in. Initial implementation is scheduled for the northern segment of the Gjøvik line, slated for 2024. Subsequently, by 2030-2032, ERTMS will be rolled out at Oslo S, and by 2034, it is anticipated to be operational across all railway lines in Norway.

As of the end of September 2023, six class 75 trains have had on-board equipment installed and have been returned to active service. The installation of ERTMS onboard systems in all Norwegian trains is slated for completion by 2029.

Planned progress

  • 2016-2018: Tender process
  • 2018: Contract sogning with Alstom
  • 2018-2026: Preparations and installation of on-board ERTMS Equipment
  • 2023-2028: Full deployment of ERTMS Equipment in train sets
  • 2034: ERTMS will be fully implemented on the Norwegian railway network

Contact person

Bjørn Erik Olsson
Bjørn Erik Olsson
Project Manager