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Six suppliers will compete to supply 200 commuter trains

Norske tog AS have decided to acquire 30 new commuter trains with an option to release up to 170 additional train sets. The train sets are scheduled for delivery in 2023 and will be replacing the current commuter train sets, Class 69, operating on L2 Stabekk – Oslo – Ski. Six suppliers have been pre-qualified to proceed in the tender process.


- Norske Tog is very pleased with the interest from the supplier market. In the pre-qualification round, we have especially emphasized adequate experience from similar projects relevant to our acquisition, and sufficient financial strength for implementation. We are now proceeding with a relatively high number of suppliers, to get the best competition possible, said Øystein Risan, CEO Norske tog AS.

    The following six suppliers (in alphabetical order) have been pre-qualified to submit tenders:

    • Alstom Transport
    • Bombardier Transportation
    • Construcciones Auxiliar De Ferrocarrilles (CAF)
    • Hitachi Rail
    • Siemens Mobility
    • Stadler Rail

    - The new generation commuter trains will provide better capacity, comfort and onboard mobile coverage. It is all about making it better and easier for the commuters. The new commuter trains will have a top speed of at least 160 km/h, and preferably up to 200 km/h, said Risan.

    The new commuter trains, Class 77, will have a maximum train length of 110 meters, 33 meters longer than the current commuter trains operating the line. With several areas for standing passengers, Norske tog estimate the total capacity of the new commuter trains to be 700-800 or more passengers in each train set, compared to the current capacity of approximately 570 standing and seated passengers. The price, opportunities for shorter station stops, high acceleration capabilities and retardation will also be emphasised in the competition.

    The suppliers are expected to present their tenders to Norske tog in October. Contract signing is scheduled to the beginning of 2021.

    For more information, please contact:

    Øystein Risan
    CEO Norske tog AS
    +47 916 51 134