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Norske tog announces procurement of new commuter trains with increased capacity and high comfort level

Norske tog is planning to enter the market in 2020 to acquire new commuter trains to operate line 2 Ski-Oslo-Stabekk from 2024. Initially, the new commuter trains will replace the currently operating trans sets, Class 69, on line 2.


- A new generation commuter trains will imporove the capacity, comfort and onboard mobile coverage. It will make the daily commute better and easier, says CEO of Norske tog AS, Øystein Risan.

New commuter trains will improve the total capacity for an increasing passenger volume. The Class 69 train sets has a total capacity of 300 seated and 270 standing passengers. The new commuter trains will have a maximum train length of 110 meters, 33 meters longer than the current commuter trains operating the line.

With the right balance between seating and open space, Norske tog estimates that the new commuter trains will have a total capacity of 700-800 passengers.

- New and modern trains will contribute to higher punctuality, improved onboard information systems and better onboard air conditioning systems. Better and more stable mobile coverage makes working and consumption of entertainment easier, says Risan.

Norske tog AS is planning to enter the market early in 2020, as soon as the regulatory framework for the procurement has been clarified. A minimum of 30 trains will be acquired with an option to release up to 170 additional train sets

Getting a new trainset takes around four years, from when the decision is made to invite tenders for new trains until the first vehicle is delivered.